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Free Residential Lots in Smokey Groves
Chamberlain, SD

Why Do We Give Away Free Residential Lots?

Is It Really Free?
What’s The Catch?

Where is Smokey Groves?

Housing availability is one of the biggest issues we face as a community. We wanted to try to solve this issue for our community, and when looking at the TIF, it made financial sense to give away the lots for free. This is a great incentive for anyone to build in Chamberlain.

It really is free! We simply want you to build a home! The home must be at least 1500 square feet and it has to be built within a year. We want you to live here, but you can build to sell or even build a secondary home. For more details, here are the neighborhood covenants and a sample purchase agreement.

Smokey Groves is on the south side of Chamberlain. It is located south of the hospital and north of the interstate. 

How are you able to give away free lots?

The City of Chamberlain created a TIF on this development. In short, a TIF district redirects all new tax dollars created in the development to pay for the cost of the development for a certain number of years. The sooner we get homes in Smokey Groves, the more tax dollars will be directed to pay for the development. After the TIF years expire, the tax dollars are used like normal. The TIF doesn’t hurt the school district. To learn more about TIF’s, click here: tax-fact-tax-increment-financing.pdf (



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